2021 Congressional Art Competition Virtual Exhibition

2021 Awardees 1st Place Shadows of Democracy by Charlie Williams (Wakefield HS '21) Medium: Digital Photography 2nd Place Self-Portrait 2020 by Morgan Andrews (Washington Liberty HS '22) Medium: Pencil 3rd Place Girl in Print by Naomi Lewis (George Mason HS '24) Medium: Ink/Typewriter Honorable Mentions Above the Mantel by Renee Whiffen (Wakefield HS '21) Medium: Pencil Ba Noi by Jenny Le (Falls Church HS '21) Medium: Photography Blame Game by Ella Park (McLean HS '22) Medium: Charcoal Blood Moon by Carmina Lopez (Wakefield HS '21) Medium: Oil Paint Escape by Luiza Nedelescu (McLean HS '23) Me... Read More »

Community Project Funding Requests

Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro announced that the House Committee on Appropriations will be accepting Community Project Funding (CPF) requests from Members. This is in addition to the standard programmatic and language-based requests. Each Member is limited to no more than 10 Community Project Funding requests across all subcommittees for Fiscal Year 2022 and there is no guarantee that all requested projects will be funded. The FY2022 CPF process has a limited scope with combined earmarks capped at 1% of all discretionary spending and eligible accounts restricted to those listed in the table below. P... Read More »

Rep. Beyer's Member-Designated Transportation Projects

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) plans to advance surface transportation authorization legislation later this spring, building on H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, from the 116th Congress. Chairman Peter DeFazio announced that the T&I Committee will formally accept requests for projects from House Members. The T&I Committee process for considering member projects is separate and distinct from the House Committee on Appropriations’ process for considering Community Project Funding requests. Projects funded through the surface transportation authorization will be fund... Read More »

Resources for Startups

What the Department of Commerce Can Do For Your Startup Congressman Don Beyer, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Matt S. Erskine, visited 1776 this afternoon for a roundtable and walkthrough at the incubator and venture fund’s recently opened Crystal City location. Beyer, Deputy Secretary Andrews, and Deputy Assistant Secretary Erskine engaged with small business and tech leaders to highlight federal resources available to startups and the business community; from offering grants, facilitating the patent process... Read More »

Information for Federal Employees

It is shocking to hear that our dedicated public servants had their personal financial information exposed in a breach of the Office of Personnel Management. Our federal workforce keeps the country running; their personal information should be treated with the utmost importance and security. We must and we will do better, and I will work closely with OPM and others to ensure that improvements are rapid and deep. My office is ready to help the 77,000 federal employees in the 8th District navigate this process. Information from Office of Personnel Management Since the end of 2013, OPM has undert... Read More »

Amendment to HR 1806

Rep. Mark DeSaulnier​ and I introduced an amendment to HR 1806, which tried to keep "the reduction of greenhouse gasses" as one of the many goals of ARPA-E research. Somehow House Republicans interpereted this as limiting the range of possible research. Nonsense. But, we lost, 232 to 190. Thanks to Eddie Bernice Johnson​ for supporting this amendment. Read More »

Protect the Gray Wolf!

| Tia Shuyler

I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about something that over 2,000 of my constituents have written to me about: the possible de-listing of the Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species Act. Read More »

May 12th Small Business Procurement Conference

| Krysta Jones

please join us for a Small Business Procurement Conference Hosted by Congressman Don Beyer In Collaboration with George Mason University’s Procurement Technical Assistance Program from May 12, 2013 8:00 am to May 14, 2013 12:30 pm at George Mason University's Arlington Campus Founder’s Hall 3351 Fairfax Drive Arlington, VA This year’s conference will provide guidance to small businesses looking to team with the federal government. The conference focuses on building the skills needed to procure contracts, opportunities to meet prime contractors and agency reps, networking, and government and ec... Read More »