FY22 Ag, Rural Development, FDA - Community Project Funding Request

Please read before providing all requested information.

The following accounts are eligible for funding:

• Agriculture Research Service, Buildings and Facilities
• Rural Development, Rural Community Facility Grants
• Rural Utilities Service, ReConnect Grants

The subcommittee will not accept project requests in any other account.

Please include the following information in your request:
1. The website address of the proposed recipient
2. If there are additional costs necessary to complete the project, have those been secured?
3. For rural development projects, is the project for an eligible purpose and does it meet all eligibility requirements under current law?
4. Does the entity plan to make grants to other entities from the funds provided and if so, to which entities?
5. Why is the project a priority for the district? Briefly explain the community benefits.
6. Has any funding for the project been included in any presidential budget and if so, how much, in which fiscal year, and in which agency or agencies and program(s)?
7. Has the project received federal funding before and if so, how much, when, and from which agency or agencies and program(s)?
8. For ARS B&F only, what is the estimated start date of the project? How soon could the feasibility/engineering design phase commence? [mm/yy]
9. For ARS B&F only, does the project have distinct and separable phases?
10. For ARS B&F only, what is the estimated completion date of the project? When does completion of construction occur? [mm/yy]
11. For ReConnect requests, please provide relevant information, such as the number of households, businesses, or farms that would be served, what the performance of the service to be offered will be, and whether healthcare or educational facilities will be served.