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Virginia’s 8th congressional district is home to over 50,000 veterans and active duty service men and women. I am proud to represent a district with such a strong ethic of service. As the son of a 92-year-old Korean War veteran, I am deeply committed to caring for those who sacrifice to protect our freedoms. My father used the G.I. Bill and put his education and skills to work in what became our family business. Our nation must continue to provide those who serve in the military with the necessary resources to adjust to civilian life.

Battlefield scars, whether mental, physical or both, heal slowly. Our Veterans Administration (VA) has a moral obligation to make our troops whole again. After over a decade of war, our troops deserve a robust healthcare system that processes claims efficiently and effectively. If that system breaks down, we in Congress must help it do better. This comes in the form of providing legislative solutions, where veterans’ care is traditional an area of strong bipartisanship, and also in the area of constituent casework. My district office assists constituents with VA benefits. I encourage veterans who require assistance to call us at 703-658-5403.

Some of the most important ways that we repay our veterans include small business loans, housing assistance, and education funding. Many of our civilian industries in Northern Virginia thrive under the management or with the assistance of veterans, and I am a cosponsor of the Reducing Barriers for Veterans Education Act because I believe that investment in education is money well spent.

I support numerous other measures to ensure equal and honorable treatment of all veterans, including the Veteran Spouses Equal Treatment Act, the Restore Honor to Service Members Act, and the Women Veterans Access to Quality Care Act.

The 8th District of Virginia is home to the Pentagon, the Marine Corps Memorial, the Navy Memorial, the Air Force Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery. I take great pride in the fact that we are surrounded by symbols of our nation’s support for veterans, and I am committed to making sure that our government’s symbolic recognition is matched by our care for veterans.