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In Congress, I am committed to protecting and strengthening our public schools and supporting our educators. I believe that a quality education is measured in more than just test scores. We must ensure that teachers have the supports they need and the flexibility to be creative and are not stuck teaching to the test. I also believe that supporting our children’s education includes tracking student growth and maintaining a holistic education that includes physical fitness and arts education as well as access to after school programs. We also must maintain high standards in school nutrition and ensure that students still have access to meals in the summer.

I will continue to fight to uphold fundamental federal civil rights protections by advocating for robust federal funding for Title I and IDEA as well as ensuring that the Office of Civil Rights is working proactively with colleges and universities to address sexual assault. I oppose any initiative (like vouchers or “school choice”) that would undermine our public schools or re-segregate our society. Schools are not a marketplace; we need all of our schools to be successful so that regardless of what school our children attend they have access to a quality education.

I believe we must do more to address student loan debt, college affordability, and create successful post-secondary pathways that recognize career and technical education.  I am a strong supporter of student loan refinancing, all-year access to Pell grants, allowing subsidized Stafford loans to graduate students, codifying the Obama Administration’s efforts on FAFSA application simplification, and many other initiatives that keep higher education accessible and affordable.