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Congress has a duty to provide oversight of the Administration and the Executive Branch, and I take that role seriously no matter who is in the White House.

Under the previous administration, I led and joined a number of initiatives, both legislative and legal, to hold the former president, his administration, political appointees, and our Supreme Court accountable whenever they failed to meet the high standards this country expects of its leaders.

I champion legislation aimed at prohibiting former political appointees from sharing investments with foreign principals that are based on conversations that federal employee had when they were in office, to prevent abuses of power for personal enrichment. I also continue to sponsor legislation that would require heads of Executive Branch agencies to share their schedules and speeches publicly, to provide transparency to the public about what public officials who lead their government are saying and doing.

I support President Biden's leadership and celebration of American unity, diversity, optimism, and accomplishment. At the same time, I will continue to fulfill my Congressional responsibility of congressional oversight to help ensure that this vision becomes a reality.