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The United States is famously known as a nation of immigrants – our diverse heritage has been woven by people from all across the globe. In order to build on this rich tradition and enhance our country and shared prosperity, it is necessary to have a thoughtful, humane, and effective immigration system. I continue to work with my colleagues to achieve the dream of a forward-thinking immigration system that reflects the best of our values, upholds human dignity, and strengthens our communities.

I strongly support comprehensive immigration reform, but also believe we cannot afford to wait if there are opportunities to advance fixes to our broken immigration system.

I support efforts that help businesses secure the talent they need, keep America an attractive place to work for the world’s best and brightest, provide Dreamers a path to citizenship, maintain a robust refugee system, and ensure we have both a humane immigration system and a functional southern border. 

In particular, I am a cosponsor of the U.S. Citizenship Act, which is comprehensive immigration legislation that creates an earned pathway to citizenship, modernizes our immigration processing system, responsibly secures our border, addresses the root causes of migration, and grows our economy. I am also a cosponsor of the American Dream and Promise Act, to help Dreamers - who were brought to this country as children - begin a process to gain legal status.