FY22 FSGG - Community Project Funding Request

Please read before providing all requested information.

The following accounts are eligible for funding:
- Small Business Administration
- Small Business Initiatives

The subcommittee will not accept project requests in any other account.

Please include the following information in your request:

1. Why is the project a priority, including the local, regional, and/or national benefits provided by the project?
2. What is the total cost of the project? Please include funding requested broken out by discrete activity, if applicable.
3. If the request does not fully fund the project, describe where the remaining funding comes from to fund the project.
4. If the appropriations committee is not able to provide the full amount of funding requested, can this project start in a limited capacity? {yes/no}
5. Is this a new or ongoing project?
6. Please provide a history of funding for the project, including Federal, state, or local government; non-profit; corporate.
7. Are there matching funds associated with the requested funds? If yes, please list the source(s) and amount(s).
8. Will the funds go to an organization that will make sub-grants of those funds to other organizations? If yes, please list the sub-grantees.
9. Is the project a capital project or will the funds support operating costs?
10. Provide the oversight and management structure, including accountability measures, of the project. Who will oversee and be accountable for the administration/management of the project?
11. What performance standards will be used to evaluate whether the program or project supported by the funds meets its mission?
12. Has the organization or any potential sub-grantees been subject to sanction or litigation by State, Local, or Federal governments in the past five years? If so, please provide details.
13. Community engagement and support is crucial in determining which projects are worthy of Federal funding. To that end, please describe or include evidence of community support that were compelling factors in the Member’s decision to submit this project request. You may include any relevant links to information posted on your website, or online, including letters of support.