FY22 Labor - Community Project Funding Request

Please read before providing all requested information.

The following account is eligible for funding:

Employment and Training Administration

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act demonstration program is the only Labor Department program that supports community project funding. Community project funding is designated under Training and Employment Services.

These projects must meet all statutorily mandated requirements, except that they are exempt from the requirement to compete.

In addition, all projects must:

1) Include direct services to individuals to enhance employment opportunities;
2) Demonstrate evidence of a linkage with the State or local workforce investment system; and
3) Include an evaluation component.

Equipment purchases may be included within community project funding only as an incidental part of the entire project. A similar standard applies to curriculum development, which should be incidental to the project’s emphasis on direct services to individuals.

**Community project funding cannot be used for construction or renovation of facilities.**