FY22 Health and Human Services - Community Project Funding Request

Please read before providing all requested information.

The following accounts are eligible for funding:

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

The Subcommittee has historically provided community project funding only in the categories listed below. Requests that do not fit into one of these categories are unlikely to be eligible for community project funding under HRSA.

Health Facilities Construction and Equipment—grants to help with the cost of construction, renovation, or capital equipment for facilities for provision of health, mental health, or substance abuse services, training of health professionals, or medical research. Examples of eligible facilities include hospitals; health centers and clinics; skilled nursing facilities; mental health centers; facilities for schools of medicine, nursing or other health professions; and medical research laboratories.

In addition to construction and renovation, grants can be used to acquire capital equipment, such as lab equipment or x-ray machines. Equipment-only grants—that is, grants not involving construction—are permissible (and commonly done). Generally, any equipment having a useful life of more than one year and a unit cost of at least $5,000 will be eligible as capital equipment. In addition, equipment with lower costs may also be eligible, provided that it is treated as an item of capital expense under the recipient institution’s pre-existing, written accounting policies. Equipment expenses for health information systems and electronic medical records systems are permitted expenditures. The costs of expendable supplies such as pharmaceuticals, lab chemicals, or office paper are not eligible.

Health Facilities grants cannot be used to acquire land or purchase existing buildings, or to pay salaries or other operating costs. They cannot be used to pay for work previously completed. Grants can be used for architectural and engineering costs associated with an eligible construction project, but cannot be used for general feasibility studies.

Health Professions Education and Workforce Development—grants for projects to improve education and training of health care professionals, or to analyze health workforce trends and needs.

Rural Health Outreach—grants for projects to improve health care in rural areas. Examples of eligible activities include medical, dental, or mental health care services, health promotion and education, chronic disease management, and improvements to emergency medical services. Grant funds can be used for services only in areas that meet HRSA’s definition of rural. For lists of eligible areas and further information regarding that definition,see:https://www.hrsa.gov/rural-health/about-us/definition/index.html.

Rural Health Research—grants to support research on rural health problems and ways of improving health care in rural areas.

Telehealth and Health Information Technology—funding for telemedicine, distance learning, or use of information technology to improve health care.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Community project funding within SAMHSA should be submitted through the Health Surveillance and Program Support account. Community project funding must fall under one of the following categories:

Mental Health—grants to support programs that promote the prevention or treatment of mental health disorders, including rehabilitation, outreach, and other support services.

Substance Abuse Treatment—grants to support programs that improve access, reduce barriers, and promote high quality, effective treatment and recovery services.

Substance Abuse Prevention—grants to support programs to prevent the onset of illegal drug use, prescription drug misuse and abuse, alcohol misuse and abuse, and underage alcohol and tobacco use.

Community project funding cannot be used for construction (other than a limited amount of renovation necessary to carry out a funded project).

For all requests, please provide the following information:

1. Please provide a budget breakdown
2. One-Year Funding? (Yes/No)
3. Please provide an explanation of the request, including an explanation of why this is a good use of taxpayer funds
4. Sources of Federal and Non-Federal Funds
5. Please provide a history of federal funding for the project, if any. Include both formula funds and any discretionary grants and fiscal years
6. If the request does not fully fund the project, describe where the remaining funding comes from to complete the project
7. Please indicate if you are aware of another Member making a request for this same project (Yes/No)