FY22 Education - Community Project Funding Request

Please read before providing all requested information.

The following accounts are eligible for funding:

Elementary and Secondary Education Innovation and Improvement.

Community project funding for elementary and secondary education should be submitted through the Innovation and Improvement account. Elementary and secondary education community project funding includes instructional services, afterschool centers, curricula development, teacher training, acquisition of books and computers, arts education, social and emotional learning activities, full-service community schools, and early childhood education. In general, the focus of elementary and secondary education community project funding should be providing early childhood or K-12 educational services.

Community project funding to provide and improve special education services at the elementary and secondary levels are also eligible under elementary and secondary education. Community project funding may include early intervention services for infants and toddlers, transition services, and postsecondary education services.

Eligible grantees are state education agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, and other public and private nonprofit entities. Generally, community project funding intended for individual schools is provided to the applicable school district and not directly to the individual school.

Community project funding cannot be used for construction or renovation of school buildings. Daycare and childcare projects that do not include educational services are also not eligible.

Postsecondary Education

Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).Community project funding can be designated under this heading for a wide variety of higher education projects. Generally, community project funding should focus on improving access to, or the quality of, postsecondary education. Community project funding cannot be used for construction or renovation of academic buildings.

Examples of the types of projects that can be funded under FIPSE include projects to hire and train faculty, establish and improve degree programs, improve teacher preparation programs, develop and improve curricula, upgrade technology and telecommunications, acquire science laboratory equipment, provide student support, implement university partnerships with school districts, and establish research and training centers.

Grantees are usually colleges and universities, but may include other public and private nonprofit organizations.

**Limitations on Education-Related Community Project Funding**

Again, except where specifically authorized, community project funding cannot be used for construction (or the acquisition of property) or renovation of buildings. In addition, grantees may not restrict participants based on race, ethnicity or gender. Finally, recipients of community project funding may not sub-grant to other organizations or agencies.