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Beyer Statement on Unfunded Tax Cuts Package

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Washington, December 17, 2015 | Thomas Scanlon (202 225 4376) | comments

Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) released the following statement on his vote in opposition to the Tax Increase Prevention and Real Estate Investment Act:

I voted against the tax extenders package because it was yet another unfunded tax cut. There are a number of provisions in the bill which I support, including the expanded Earned Income and Child Tax Credits (EITC, CTC), the Research and Development Tax Credit, and commuter benefits so important to federal workers in Northern Virginia. However, continuing to reduce our tax base without acknowledging the costs of doing so is simply unsustainable.

As we have seen in recent decades, tax cuts which are not paid for ultimately lead to sharp cuts in government programs that are so important to my constituents in Northern Virginia. The erosion of the tax base, all the while insisting that economic growth will magically fix federal balance sheets,  is the cornerstone of the Republican strategy to ‘starve the beast.’ This will make it harder for us to build the government that Americans want and deserve. I cannot be a party to it.  

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