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Beyer’s Freedom Of Religion Act Gets 100th House Cosponsor

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Washington, May 17, 2016 | comments

Congressman Don Beyer today hailed the 100th cosponsor in the House of Representatives for the Freedom Of Religion Act. The bill, introduced by Beyer last week with a group of Democratic co-leads,‎ would block the use of religious litmus tests as a means to prevent immigrants, refugees, and international visitors from attempting to enter the United States.

“It is wonderful that the Freedom of Religion Act got to 100 cosponsors so quickly, but it should have 435 cosponsors,” said Rep. Don Beyer. “Nothing in this bill should be controversial. We are merely pledging support for a deeply-held American value – freedom from religious discrimination – in response to challenges from the extremes of American political discourse.”

The bill’s 100th cosponsor is Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the Ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. There are now 102 cosponsors of the legislation; all but one are Democrats. The bill was introduced in response to political rhetoric vilifying refugees and immigrants for their religious beliefs. It is supported by a coalition of 106 organizations from a wide variety of faiths and backgrounds in civil rights and civil liberties. 
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