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Beyer Pleased That ‘my Social Security’ Users Regain Access to their Accounts

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Washington, August 15, 2016 | comments

Congressman Don Beyer today welcomed news that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is delaying its requirement for a text authentication for customers trying to use their online Social Security accounts (my Social Security).

On July 31, SSA began requiring my Social Security account holders to sign into their accounts using a one-time code sent via text message, thereby preventing SSA account holders without text-enabled cell phones from checking on their earnings and benefits online.  “The Social Security Administration made the right decision today to roll back the security measures that blocked account access for many of my constituents,” said Rep. Beyer.  “Protecting against cyber-intrusion must be an SSA priority, and so must customer service.”

Rep. Beyer wrote Acting SSA Commissioner Colvin this month imploring the Administration to pursue other options for ensuring multifactor authentication.   SSA has agreed to develop an alternative option in addition to text messaging within the next six months.

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