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Beyer Legislation Featured In Climate Crisis Action Plan

Rep. Don Beyer today hailed the release of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis action plan, “Solving The Climate Crisis.” The plan recommended the adoption of legislation previously introduced by Beyer:

  • HR 5162, the Green Vehicle Adoption Nationwide (VAN) Act, which would use tax credits to boost production of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles, in the section “Building Block: Provide a National Purchase Incentive for Zero-Emission Heavy-Duty Trucks” (Page 122)
  • HR 5450, the Cleaner, Quieter Airplanes Act, which would bolster NASA’s efforts to reduce emissions from the aviation industry, in the section “Building Block: Significantly Increase Federally Supported Research, Development, Demonstration, and Deployment to Reduce Aviation Emissions” (Page 129)
  • HR 3227, the bipartisan Securing Energy for our Armed Forces Using Engineering Leadership (SEA FUEL) Act (previously enacted in the National Defense Reauthorization Act of 2019), which would direct the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security to invest in carbon capture technology, in the section “Building Block: Continue Supporting the Development of Military Fuels and Products from Captured Carbon” (Page 282)

  • HR 2795, the bipartisan Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act (currently slated for a full House vote Wednesday as part of H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act), which would authorize federal agencies to designate National Wildlife Corridors on federal lands in order to create a comprehensive corridor network to boost biodiversity, protect ecosystems, and prevent the extinction of key species, in the section “Building Block: Establish a Wildlife Corridor and Connectivity System to Conserve Natural Spaces and Help Wildlife Adapt to the Impacts of Climate Change” (Page 439)

  • HR 4093, the bipartisan National Ocean and Coastal Security Improvement Act, which would protect ecosystems and communities from coastal threats by supporting coastal conservation and restoration projects, in the section “Building Block: Restore Lost and Degraded Ocean and Wetland Ecosystems” (Page 466)

  • HR 1606, the bipartisan Atlantic Seismic Airgun Protection Act (a version of which previously passed in the House as a successful amendment to the Protecting and Securing Florida's Coastline Act), which would ban seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic Ocean, in the section “Building Block: Prohibit New Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing” (Page 483)

“The climate crisis requires urgent, ambitious changes to make our economy, government, and society greener. The Select Committee’s plan gives us a roadmap to real climate action,” said Rep. Beyer. “I am overjoyed to see so much of the work I have done with my colleagues represented in this document. Most of the climate bills I have introduced are bipartisan, and many are already moving through the House or have even been enacted, which is a reminder that climate solutions are achievable. I thank Chair Castor, her colleagues and staff, and all who contributed to the climate action plan, which sets up the important next step of translating these proposals into policies and laws.”

Beyer previously made the case for including these bills during his testimony before the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis in November.

The full text of the Climate Crisis Committee’s action plan is available here.