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Beyer Statement On Biden COVID-19 Action Plan

September 9, 2021 (Washington, D.C.) – Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who represents the largest number of federal workers of any U.S. Representative, today issued the following statement on President Biden’s just-announced COVID-19 Action Plan:

“Requiring every federal worker and contractor to receive a safe, free, lifesaving Covid vaccination is a necessary and important step to protect both the federal workforce and the people they serve. This is absolutely the correct call by President Biden.

“The rise in cases and deaths with the delta variant is deeply tragic and frustrating because it was completely avoidable. Given the choice between allowing this virus to continue to spread, which would mean many thousands more preventable deaths and vast harm to our economy, and comprehensive action to protect the country, President Biden has rightly chosen the latter.

“The President’s orders today, which include a measure strongly resembling my legislation requiring the vaccination of health workers, are designed to protect the American people and end this pandemic. The only way to get our economy permanently back on track and get Americans back to work is controlling this virus, and that means this is also an important economic plan.

“Every elected official, every captain of industry, every hospital administrator, every community leader, and every commentator with a platform must decide whether to be part of the solution by embracing and encouraging vaccinations and other safety measures, or whether they will try to further prolong the pandemic.”

Beyer introduced legislation earlier today which would require the vaccination of airport and Amtrak travelers and workers. He previously introduced a bill to require healthcare providers to be vaccinated. Early in the pandemic he authored legislation to promote the development of at-home rapid COVID tests, and coauthored a provision which ultimately made Covid vaccines free to the American people.

Rep. Don Beyer is the Chair of Congress’ Joint Economic Committee.