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Beyer, Roy Introduce Bipartisan Legislation To Increase Transparency For Senior Executive Branch Officials

U.S. Representatives Don Beyer (D-VA) and Chip Roy (R-TX) today introduced legislation to reform and strengthen public transparency requirements for senior officials in the Executive Branch. The Transparent Leadership Act would require the publication of schedules and speeches for the heads of Executive Branch agencies.

“The American people deserve to know what public officials who lead their government are saying and doing while drawing taxpayer-funded salaries,” said Beyer. “It is extremely important to have transparency about who is in a position to influence key policymakers at meetings and events, this information is a crucial safeguard to establish that public servants are serving the interests of the public and abiding by ethics requirements. I thank Rep. Roy for working with me on this legislation, and urge my colleagues to support it.”

"A government that cannot be open to public scrutiny is a government that cannot properly be held accountable,” said Roy. “The American people deserve transparency from the Executive agency heads they employ. I am proud to work on the bipartisan Transparent Leadership Act with Rep. Beyer that will increase transparency and accountability in the Executive Branch."

Text of the Transparent Leadership Act is available here.

Beyer represents a Northern Virginia district containing the largest number of federal employees of any member of the U.S. House.