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Beyer Hails Ethiopian Diplomatic Breakthrough

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) today gladly welcomed the announcement of a diplomatic breakthrough at African Union peace talks in South Africa between warring sides in Ethiopia, which included an agreement to “a permanent cessation of hostilities.” Beyer, who represents one of the largest Ethiopian diaspora communities in the United States, has long urged a peaceful resolution to the conflict through engagement with the Administration, colleagues in Congress, and Ethiopian diplomats.            

“The announcement of a truce in Ethiopia is a great moment of hope for the Ethiopian people and a victory for peace and diplomacy,” said Rep. Beyer. “The war in Ethiopia, which began two years ago this week, has claimed many thousands of lives, displaced millions, caused widespread hunger and sickness, and seen numerous atrocities and human rights violations. The devastation of this awful conflict and its impacts in the region and around the world cannot be fully undone, but the way of peace is the way forward. I urge all parties to fully commit to a successful peace process, and to permanently forego violence. Ending this war, abiding by the forthcoming agreement, and committing to a lasting peace is the surest way to foster security for all Ethiopians.”