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Beyer Statement On Trump Call For Government Shutdown

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Washington, May 2, 2017 | comments

Rep. Don Beyer today issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s call for a “good ‘shutdown’ in September:”

“There is nothing ‘good’ about a government shutdown that would furlough 800,000 federal employees indefinitely, including nearly 70,000 in Northern Virginia. The federal government does not turn on and off like a light switch. Critical medical and scientific research is put on hold; shipping container inspections at our ports are halted; Social Security and Medicare benefits are delayed and mortgages are missed.

I can think of no worse example of leadership than to call and hope for such an unmitigated disaster. President Trump might think this is the art of the deal, but it is not how government functions, not what the American people demand of their political leaders, and not what this country asked for in November.”

Beyer represents more federal workers than any other Representative.

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