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Beyer Statement On Republicans’ Supplemental Israel Funding Bill

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who serves on the House Ways and Means Tax Subcommittee, issued the following statement today on House Republican legislation that would cut IRS funding and increase federal deficits while ignoring key elements of President Biden’s supplemental funding request to address national security needs:

“It is extraordinarily cynical for Republicans to try to exploit an international crisis to help wealthy tax cheats avoid paying their taxes.

“I support Israel’s right to self defense in the face of horrifying acts of terrorism, within the bounds of international law. The Republican bill is not a serious attempt to support our ally, in fact their bill is intentionally designed to fail in a way they hope will fuel further dishonest partisan talking points to capitalize politically on suffering and death.

“Requiring an offset for emergency assistance to our allies would be a bad precedent even if this bill were actually paid for, which it manifestly is not. The IRS cuts in this bill do not offset the costs of military assistance, they multiply them, as their bill text itself acknowledges.

“Republicans’ removal of military assistance to Ukraine to repel the ongoing Russian invasion is a victory for Putin and a betrayal of the Ukrainian people. Their cold-blooded denial of humanitarian assistance for innocent Palestinian civilians suffering amid the horrors of war in Gaza is horrifying.

“I support President Biden’s funding request to address national security needs and support our allies. The Republican bill is an appalling and immoral mockery of that request, and I strongly oppose it.”