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Beyer Floor Remarks On Support For Ukraine And Indo-Pacific Allies During House Debate

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), spoke today during the U.S. House of Representatives floor debate on national security supplemental legislation. His remarks as delivered follow below (video here).

“Madam Speaker, I rise to celebrate the good news for our allies in the Indo-Pacific and the Ukrainian people that the House is finally doing the right thing.

Today moral courage and sound strategic thinking finally defeat the partisan cynicism and political calculation of a small minority of this body who hold our national interest hostage.

Some of my colleagues say America should hide from our role as the world’s dominant power, ignoring our geopolitical foes as they move aggressively against our interests and menace our allies.

They are wrong. 

While it is deeply unfortunate that it took this long for wiser voices to prevail, the House is stepping up today to proclaim American strength and send bold support to Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific.

The Ukrainian people did not choose this war, Ukraine was invaded by a bloodthirsty tyrant who has designs that go far beyond Ukraine.

If allowed to expand unchecked, Russian and Chinese aggression will only make a deadly global confrontation more likely.

This moment is long overdue, and we can only hope that the delay will not result in lasting damage to Ukraine’s war efforts.

But it is my deepest hope that this victory in Congress will help to make possible Ukraine’s ultimate victory on the battlefield.

I yield back.”