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House Adopts Beyer/Amash Amendment To Rein In AG Sessions’ Civil Asset Forfeiture Program

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Washington, September 13, 2017 | comments

The House of Representatives adopted an amendment to must-pass appropriations legislation late Tuesday to prohibit the Justice Department from using funds to remove restrictions on civil asset forfeiture. The bipartisan amendment was led by nine Representatives including Justin Amash (R-MI), and Don Beyer (D-VA), who spoke in favor of the bill from the House Floor.

“Civil asset forfeiture without limits presents one of the strongest threats to our civil, property, and constitutional rights,” said Rep. Beyer. “It creates a reverse incentive for law enforcement to seek profit over justice. I thank my colleague, Congressman Amash, for leading the successful bipartisan effort to rein in this appalling practice.”

Civil asset forfeiture is a law enforcement practice of seizing financial assets or property from people suspected – though not necessarily convicted – of involvement in a crime.

Text of the amendment is available here.

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