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Beyer Statement on Latest Continuing Resolution

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Washington, January 22, 2018 | comments

“Last week when I voted against the fourth continuing resolution in four months, I said ‘Congress’ refusal to live up to its basic responsibilities to the American people must end.’ Nothing has changed since I said those words.

Congress’ responsibilities include passing a bipartisan spending bill that preserves the principle of parity between defense and non-defense spending. This essential equivalence of the two sides of discretionary spending was agreed to in the original Ryan-Murray budget, and has been honored each of the last four years.

Congress also has a responsibility to protect Dreamers, and it is not at all clear that Paul Ryan and House Republicans are willing to allow the House to vote on a sensible, compromise DACA bill.

I have always opposed any government shutdown, and am hopeful that my bipartisan legislation with my friend Congressman Rob Wittman to protect federal workers’ pay will pass soon.”

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