Beyer Testifies On Payroll Tax Deferral’s Damaging Effects On Military, Federal Workforce

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Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) today testified before the House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security in its hearing, “Save Our Social Security Now.” Beyer, whose district includes the largest number of civilian federal employees of any member the House as well as the Pentagon and a number of other military installations, spoke to the damaging effects that the policy will have on mili... Read more »

Beyer Urges Federal Agencies To Improve Communication With Military, Federal Workforce About Payroll Tax Deferrals

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In an appearance on Government Matters, Rep. Don Beyer strongly urged federal agencies to increase and improve communications with federal workers and military service members about changes in their paychecks which will begin in the current pay period as a result of President Trump’s payroll tax deferral. His interview came ahead of a Thursday hearing on the payroll tax deferral by the House Ways ... Read more »

Trump’s Payroll Tax Deferral Is Fundamentally Corrupt, Disrespects Military Service Members, Civil Servants

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Late last night President Trump made clear that his Executive Order allowing employers to defer payroll taxes until 2021 was intended as coercion, tweeting, “When we win I, as your President, will totally forgive ALL deferred payroll taxes with money from the General Fund.” The Constitution vests tax powers with Congress, meaning the President cannot deliver the political bribe he offered. Trump’s... Read more »

States Already Exhausting $300 Unemployment Payments As FEMA Clarifies Program Will Only Cover 6 Weeks Of Benefits

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Across the country implementation of President Trump’s executive order to provide cut-in-half enhanced unemployment benefits continues to result in chaos. The White House initially promised $400 per week would reach unemployed workers “immediately” under the order issued after its negotiators walked away from economic stimulus talks. Administration officials subsequently clarified that the federal... Read more »

Trump Administration Confirms It Will Reduce Military Families’ Paychecks In 2021

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Following initial reporting from Federal News Radio on Friday night, the Trump Administration confirmed over the weekend that all members of the United States military in the income range specified by President Trump’s executive order will have their Social Security payroll taxes deferred. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), which administers payroll for Department of Defense employ... Read more »

National Capital Region Members in Urge Administration to Let Federal Workers Opt Out of Mandatory Payroll Tax Deferral

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Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) today led his National Capital Region colleagues in urging the Administration to make President Trump’s payroll tax deferral program optional rather than mandatory for the nation’s 1.3 million federal workers. Since President Trump’s August 8th announcement of the mandatory payroll tax deferral, federal employees, industry stakeholders, and employers have expressed... Read more »

New Unemployment Claims Rise For Fourth Week In A Row

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Labor Department statistics this morning showed that initial unemployment claims rose again, for the fourth week in a row, to just under 1.6 million total. This report marks the 24th week in a row with more initial jobless claims than any week of the Great Recession, and points again to a stalling economic recovery amid declining government stimulus. While some headlines wrongly reported the figur... Read more »

Beyer, Ways And Means Democrats Seek Clarity From Administration On Bewildering Payroll Tax Order

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17 House Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee today sent an oversight letter to the Trump Administration seeking clarity on the chaotic rollout of the President’s executive order on deferral of payroll taxes. In their letter, which was led by Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), the Representatives pointed to contradictory statements and publications by Trump Administration officials in the order’s i... Read more »

Federal workers will have taxes deferred under Trump’s order, sparking outcry they’re being treated as a ‘guinea pig’

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Originally published at the Washington Post Federal workers will have taxes deferred under Trump’s order, sparking outcry they’re being treated as a ‘guinea pig’ Few businesses so far have shown interest in adopting Trump’s payroll tax deferral By Tony Romm and Eric Yoder September 2, 2020 at 8:24 a.m. EDT The U.S. government will implement an across-the-board payroll tax deferral for about 1.3 mi... Read more »

Beyer: Trump Payroll Tax Move “Treats The Federal Workforce As A Guinea Pig For A Bad Policy”

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Rep. Don Beyer today blasted the Trump Administration’s announcement that it may soon begin deferring withholding payroll taxes in September for federal employees, a move that could hit thousands with unanticipated large tax bills next year. Beyer, who represents the largest number of federal employees of any U.S. Representative, serves on the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Select Revenue Me... Read more »