Dems, Republicans at odds over border wall, detaining migrants as 2nd shutdown deadline looms


Politically freighted border security negotiations are teetering just days before a potential new government shutdown. The turmoil is testing the changed balance of power in Washington, with lawmakers engaged in a sparring match over immigration policy that is challenging their ability to reach any accord.

Republicans say Democratic demands to limit immigrant detentions by federal authorities are a deal breaker — eclipsing the border wall issue for now — and represent overreach by top Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.


The two sides also remained separated over how much to spend on President Donald Trump's promised border wall. A Friday midnight deadline is looming to prevent a second partial government shutdown.

Virginia Congressman Don Beyer said he is "frightened" by the potential breakdown in talks.

"We just cannot endure it. I am frightened by it. You know in negotiating they have all sorts of tricks and tools and sometimes they get close and back away, but it is frightening and that 35 days was devastating not just to federal workers and contractors but to the people who serve that community," said Rep. Beyer.

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