What You Need To Know About Metro’s Big Blue And Yellow Line Summer Shutdown

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Transportation planning procrastinators: This is for you.

You’ve heard of the Blue and Yellow Line closures this summer, but you’ll get to it tomorrow. You still have time, right?

Well, it’s that time.

Six Blue and Yellow Line stations in Virginia close this Saturday for the entire summer. They’ll re-open Sept. 9, but may still need occasional weekend work.

Here’s everything you might’ve ignored over the past year and what you need to know to be prepared.

“The station closures will begin in just five days, but OPM has not yet issued guidance on expanded telework options for federal employees. In keeping with past agency practice ahead of major Metro construction projects, we urge you to expand telework options for federal employees for the entirety of the Platform Improvement Project,” Virginia Reps. Don Beyer, Jennifer Wexton and Gerry Connolly wrote on Monday.

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