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Beyer Will Self-Quarantine After Contact With Positive-Testing COVID-19 Patient

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), today announced that he will self-quarantine following a positive test for COVID-19 by a friend in Washington D.C., with whom he recently interacted.

Beyer said:

“This afternoon my wife Megan and I were contacted by the Virginia Department of Health to share details with us about the illness of a friend who tested positive for COVID-19 after dining with us. They informed us that the timeline of his infection began shortly after our contact on February 28.

“At the request of the public health officials, I will self-quarantine to ensure that I do not pass on any potential illness to others. In the 10 days since that dinner neither of us has shown symptoms, and we understand that the probability that we have an infection is low.

“Representing Northern Virginians is an honor and privilege which I love, and I especially hate to be away from the Capitol at this time of national crisis. But I feel strongly that one of the most important contributions people in positions of leadership can make at such times is to share the best advice from experts, and where necessary, to model it in our behavior.

“My office will close for public business and I will not attend votes or hearings until Monday, when medical advisers say I should be clear to return.

“I am keenly aware that I have social and economic supports, including affordable health care, paid leave, and other benefits which far too many Americans lack. As I work from home and when I hopefully return to the Capitol I will have these people and those who badly need assistance from leaders in Washington foremost in my mind. We have to do more to help every American get through this pandemic.”

Beyer will be addressing constituents to answer questions about coronavirus as planned this evening; call-in information for those who wish to participate in the call is here.