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Beyer Highlights Food Security Resources To Prevent Hunger Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Rep. Don Beyer today released a summary of food assistance available to Northern Virginians in the National Capital Region amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He encouraged Northern Virginians to donate food and goods to area food banks (information included) in order to help feed the vulnerable population of the community in a time of increased need.

Beyer said:

“Even in these hard times there are community supports in place which should ensure that no one goes hungry. We can help each other by sharing information, looking out for those who need assistance, and for those of us who have the ability, donating food and goods to these organizations.

“With that in mind, I am highlighting resources from local, state, and federal governments as well as food banks and community services available in Northern Virginia and the National Capital Region to prevent hunger. I encourage everyone who is able to share this information, and help support those who are feeding the hungry.”

The food assistance resources summary is available here.