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Unmarked, armed riot officers seen around D.C. won't say what agency they are from

Armed riot officers without identifying marks or badges began manning the perimeter around the White House Wednesday morning, and now a Virginia congressman says he is working on legislation to stop it from happening again.

The unmarked security forces appeared early Wednesday following a calmer night in D.C. than the city had seen in recent days. However, unlike MPD or Capitol Police officers, these men manning a pushed-back perimeter around the White House wore no badges, nameplates or any other identifying marks or insignia. In pictures posted to social media, most can be seen wearing plain t-shirts under their riot gear.

In response to photos and reports about the unmarked security officers flooding social media, Virginia Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA 08) tweeted that he was working on legislation to prevent similar actions in the future, writing that it was “unacceptable for uniformed federal officers policing constitutionally-protected assemblies to refuse to identify themselves to people who pay their salaries.”

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