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Beyer Statement On Mask-less Trump Event In Arlington

Washington, August 21, 2020

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who represents the Northern Virginia suburbs of the nation’s capital, including Arlington, issued the following statement today after photographs of a Council for National Policy event in Arlington headlined by President Trump showed him addressing a large of audience of hundreds who failed to observe social distancing guidelines or wear face coverings:

“Once again Arlingtonians’ lives have been recklessly put at risk as part of Trump’s reelection efforts, this time by Trump himself. The conference in Pentagon City today was the kind that often attracts attendees who travel from across the country – the very kind of event that fueled this pandemic. We cannot have the hard-fought progress and sacrifices of our community thrown away because the President had no better sense than to hold another potential super-spreader event.

“Governor Northam’s Executive Order created legal requirements that indoor gatherings be limited in size, observe social distancing guidelines, and wear face coverings. It is evident that the President’s event today violated those requirements.

“The President’s flouting of public health laws endangers the lives of my constituents and it must stop immediately. Every time Trump fails to set an example puts American lives at risk and emphasizes that he is not up to the job of keeping the country safe during this pandemic.”

Pictures tweeted and then deleted by Vice President Pence in June showed him speaking at a gathering of nearly 200 campaign staff at the campaign’s Arlington headquarters, none of whom were wearing masks or observing social distancing guidelines. Press reports subsequently confirmed that Trump campaign staff regularly flout public health rules there.