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New Beyer Legislation Would Require Publication Of Schedules For Heads Of Executive Agencies

Rep. Don Beyer today introduced the Transparent Leadership Act, which would require the publication of schedules and speeches for the heads of Executive Branch agencies. Beyer began working on the legislation in response to calendar scandals for disgraced ex-EPA Administrator Scott Pruit and disgraced ex-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and introduced it as a similar scandal embroiled disgraced Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

“The American people deserve to know what the public officials who lead their government are saying and doing while drawing taxpayer-funded salaries,” said Beyer. “The Trump era has been a time of incredible and unacceptable opacity from the heads of U.S. government agencies, who clearly had a great deal to hide from the public. My legislation would put an end to the era of secret schedules.” 

Beyer was a vociferous critic of both Pruitt and Zinke prior to their dismissals, and has previously called for the resignation of Postmaster General DeJoy.

Text of the Transparent Leadership Act is available here.