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Beyer Receives Coronavirus Vaccine

Rep. Don Beyer, who represents the Northern Virginia suburbs of the nation’s capital, today received a vaccination for coronavirus [pictures below].

Beyer said:

“Upon medical advice and the recommendation of the Attending Physician, I received a coronavirus vaccine this afternoon.

“I am mindful that millions of Americans are still waiting for shots they will get after me, many of whom are workers on the front lines of this pandemic. I do not believe that I am more important than they are, but as national leaders it is important to lead by example.

“The message from scientists and doctors is clear: the vaccines which have been approved are safe, and they will save lives. A vaccine has been made available to Congress because of the need for continuity of government operations. Anyone who is given the opportunity to receive this vaccine is given an opportunity to protect people around them, and to fight the spread of this awful virus. Everyone should take this opportunity as soon as they can.

“I will continue working in Congress to help ensure that everyone can get a vaccination as soon as possible.”

Beyer helped author a provision with Rep. Joe Courtney earlier this year to make coronavirus vaccinations free for the American people, a version of which was subsequently enacted as part of the CARES Act. He is also the author of legislation to address health care disparities in coronavirus treatment.

Beyer was previously one of the first Members of Congress to self-quarantine after a coronavirus exposure, one of the first Members of Congress to wear a mask on the House Floor, and was the first U.S. Representative to cast a proxy vote on behalf of a member of the opposing party.

Beyer has been a forceful advocate for following listening to scientists and following public health measures, including vocal criticism of colleagues and national leaders who endangered lives by ignoring masking and distancing directives.