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Beyer Calls For Minority Leader McCarthy’s Resignation

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) today called for the resignation of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. In a thread on Twitter, he wrote:

“Kevin McCarthy should resign.

“[Senators] Hawley and Cruz deserve to be held accountable, but they are back-benchers. What Kevin McCarthy did was just as bad, but he is Minority Leader. Every House Republican voted to make him Speaker, and when he led his caucus into an attack on our democracy two thirds followed him.

“Kevin McCarthy embraced and empowered the worst conspiracy theorists in his caucus. He spread the very lies that helped incite this violence. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Trump in trying to destroy our democracy. He always enables Trump's worst and most destructive acts.

“After terrorists shed blood in our Capitol, Kevin McCarthy went to the House Floor and led the renewed attack on our democracy. He echoed Trump's incendiary lies and dehumanizing attacks on political opponents, and now claims to oppose "division?" No. Kevin McCarthy must resign.”