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Beyer Welcomes OPM Rule To Prevent Politicization Of Civil Service, Calls For Congressional Action To Codify

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who represents a Northern Virginia district containing the largest number of civilian federal employees of any member of the U.S. House, today applauded a new proposed rule from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that would protect the federal workforce from political retaliation of the kind intended by the Trump Administration’s “Schedule F” order.

“I welcome the proposed rule from the Biden Administration to ensure that we don’t see a return to the cronyism and corruption Donald Trump tried to inflict on the federal workforce,” said Rep. Beyer. “The only good thing for the country about Trump’s Schedule F order was that it failed and then was removed before it could do the damage its authors intended. It is important that Congress support the intent of this proposed rule by codifying protections for the merit-based civil service, which is why we should pass the Saving the Civil Service Act.”

Beyer has been a forceful advocate for federal employees during his five terms in the House, strongly opposing the Trump Administration’s disastrous Schedule F order and MAGA Republicans’ Holman Rule, fighting for paid leave, fair wages, and salary increases for federal workers, and leading the charge against Donald Trump’s cynical federal worker payroll tax scheme.