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On The Conflict In Israel And Gaza

On October 7th, Hamas launched a series of horrifying terrorist attacks against Israeli communities, resulting in a huge number of civilian deaths.

Israel responded to these attacks by vowing to destroy Hamas. The ensuing bombardment has seen enormous and tragic civilian losses in Gaza.

I am profoundly concerned about the escalating conflict, which has now entered its fourth week and claimed the lives of thousands of innocents, many of them children.

I urge all American citizens in the region to review guidance I shared from the State Department for their assistance.

President Biden recently requested supplemental funding to provide military assistance to America’s allies, including Ukraine and Israel. The request also seeks humanitarian assistance for Palestinian civilians in harm’s way.

Unfortunately, House Republicans responded to this request with an extraordinarily cynical bill that removed both the humanitarian aid for Palestinians and security assistance for Ukraine. Their bill even went so far as to include an “offset” that would cut IRS funding intended to prevent wealthy people from evading their taxes, which would increase deficits.

I support President Biden’s funding request to address national security needs and support our allies. The Republican bill is an appalling and immoral mockery of that request, and I strongly oppose it.

As Israel conducts its military response to the Hamas attacks, it is imperative that it abides by international humanitarian law and protects innocent civilian lives.

Hamas launched its attacks with no regard for the civilians in territory they control, and it bears primary responsibility for the unfolding catastrophe. They continue to hold civilian hostages, including American citizens, and launch rocket attacks that indiscriminately target civilians in Israel. These acts are unacceptable.

It is also incumbent upon the Israelis - and the United States as allies of Israel - to do more to protect civilians from the ongoing horror of this conflict.

Recent escalations in Israeli operations, including the ground assault inside the Gaza perimeter and its accelerated bombing campaign have inflicted enormous damage on the Gaza Strip, a small enclave occupied by over two million people, the vast majority of whom who have done nothing to deserve the awful conditions they are forced to endure.

I am increasingly alarmed by reports of the rapidly deteriorating conditions inside Gaza as the Israeli blockade on fuel, food, water, and other supplies in combination with its devasting air campaign takes its toll.

While I am encouraged by the Biden Administration’s ongoing efforts to deliver increased humanitarian aid through the Rafah crossing, this aid alone will not be enough to stave off a complete disaster. Delivering necessary humanitarian assistance to Gaza represents an enormous logistical challenge that I do not believe can be accomplished amid large-scale Israeli military operations in the densely populated region.

I have therefore called for a cessation of hostilities that allows people to find safety and allows aid to reach civilians in need throughout Gaza.

Additionally, we must prioritize the release of hostages held by Hamas and aligned groups, as well as the ability of American citizens to leave the territory. Please know that I am committed to advocating for this necessary halt in military operations both in public and through ongoing engagement with the Biden Administration to ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance into Gaza.

The United States must also help ensure that violence does not extend beyond Gaza. It is imperative that the United States apply pressure on Israel to prevent extremist settlers in the West Bank from engaging in further violence toward their Palestinian neighbors. These attacks are immoral and unacceptable, and further jeopardize the prospects for a sustainable peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

I believe that the United States has an obligation to play a constructive role in building peace in the region, and I remain committed to working toward peace and to the protection of every innocent life during this ongoing crisis.