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Beyer Highlights Strong Economic Indicators Showing Solid Growth At The End Of 2023

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), Senior House Democrat on Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, today highlighted a raft of strongly positive economic indicators showing solid, sustained growth heading into the end of 2023.

Twelve headlines show the breadth of America’s economic strength heading into 2024:

Wall Street Journal: Prices Fell in November for the First Time Since 2020. Inflation Is Approaching Fed Target.

Bloomberg: US Consumer Confidence Surges Most Since 2021 in Broad Upturn

Reuters: Solid US Job Growth, Drop In Unemployment Rate Underscore Labor Market Resilience

New York Times: Gas Prices Are Falling Fast, Helping Tame Inflation

Yahoo Finance: Strong Wage Growth Gave Americans A $1,000 Spending Boost In 2023

Washington Post: Dow Jones Hits An All-Time High As Investors Cheer Progress On Inflation

Forbes: This Key Inflation Metric Finally Hit Federal Reserve’s Target

ABC: Federal Reserve Expects To Cut Interest Rates Next Year, Fed Chair Jerome Powell Says

Associated Press: US Economic Growth for Last Quarter Is Revised Up Ro A 5.2% Annual Rate

CNN: 2022 Had The Lowest Total Unemployment Rate Ever

MarketWatch: U.S. Housing Starts Surge To Highest Level Since May

CNN: Recession Fears Are Starting To Fade For Americans

“Many prognosticators greeted 2023 with dire predictions of recession and decline, and we should all be happy that they were wrong,” Beyer said. “The dials on our economic dashboard show historic job growth, rising consumer confidence, real wages up, the longest run with less than four percent unemployment in five decades, and the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation averaging less than two percent over the past six months. As we head into 2024, any honest reading must admit that the U.S. economy is very strong.”