Unified Dems press Trump, GOP on curbing guns

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Washington, August 13, 2019 | comments
Associated Press

Democrats pressed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday to approve House-passed legislation expanding background checks and to take other steps curbing guns, in an offensive fueled by public outrage over this month’s mass killings in Texas and Ohio.

It seemed unlikely that Democrats’ moves would have much impact on top Republicans. While President Donald Trump and McConnell have expressed a new openness to unspecified gun curbs following the back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, their decisions will reflect the sentiment of fellow Republicans, not predictable pressure tactics by Democrats.

Still, Democrats’ moves underscore their focus on an issue that largely unites them — responding to the massacres that killed 31 people — and away from the party’s hand-wringing over whether to impeach Trump , a question that deeply divides Democrats.

Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., said McConnell hadn’t moved gun curb legislation because “he’s waiting for the outrage to die down, the headlines to change, the people to turn the page and think about something else.” Congress is out of town on recess until a week after Labor Day.

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