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What They Are Saying About The Republican Budget: Nothing Good

Last month, the Republican Study Committee, which counts 80 percent of House Republicans as members, rolled out a new FY25 budget which contained wide-reaching proposals to transform American society. The document was timed to contrast with President Biden’s budget, endorsing legislation offered by many individual members of the House Republican conference which, taken together, presented a starkly different set of plans for the country.

The reviews (i.e., stories and expert analysis of what it would do) are in, and they are not good. In fact, some House Republicans are even trying to distance themselves from part or all of the RSC budget.

Fiscal Policy And Social Security:

Bloomberg Government: “Republicans Call for Retirement Age Hike in Clash With Biden

NBC: “House Republican Budget Calls For Raising The Retirement Age For Social Security

HuffPost: “Republican Study Committee Budget Includes Social Security Benefit Cuts

End Citizens United writes that the RSC budget: “Passes $5.5 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy and large corporations, including permanently extending tax cuts in the Trump tax law, repealing the minimum tax on billion-dollar corporations the President signed into law, eliminating the estate tax for the wealthiest Americans, providing a massive tax cut for billionaire investors, and making it easier for the wealthy and large corporations to get away with cheating on their taxes.”

Health Care And Reproductive Rights:

Axios: “GOP Plans For Medicaid Cuts Could Face Backlash

More from Axios: “The health care section not only calls for killing the Inflation Reduction Act and its drug price provisions but would also strike enhanced ACA exchange subsidies”

Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy: “Latest House Republican Study Committee Budget Plan Again Includes Draconian Medicaid Cuts

Protect Our Care: “Republicans Propose Budget That Will Raise Health Care Costs and Rip Coverage Away from Millions of Americans

MSNBC’s James Downie writes: “It includes longtime conservative wish list items like… converting Medicare into a voucher-style “premium support” program.”

Jezebel: “House Republicans Just Endorsed an Abortion Ban That Could Also Ban IVF

The New Republic: “House Republicans Proudly Endorse National Abortion Ban, Limits to IVF

Rolling Stone: “Republican Lawmakers Want to Ban Mifepristone. Most People Hate That Idea

Public Health, Safety, and Services:

The Hill: “White House Warns House Conservatives’ Budget Could Hurt Opioid Epidemic Fight

FoxNews: “White House Blasts House GOP Budget, Says Biden Won't Let Them 'Defund The Police'

The Daily Caller writes: “The RSC supports defunding the “red flag” provisions from the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, according to the budget proposal.”

Farm Policy News: “Republican Study Committee Budget Targets SNAP, Crop Insurance

USA Today writes: “Republicans in the [RSC] are taking aim at a wide range of policies, including initiatives to combat climate change…”

Business Insider
: “Republican Budget Proposal Would Do Away With Universal Free School Lunches

Government Executive: “House Conservatives Recycle Federal Worker Pay And Benefit Cuts In Budget Document