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Beyer: “My Vote Today For The American Rescue Plan Will Be The Most Consequential Vote I Have Ever Cast”

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who is expected to chair Congress’ Joint Economic Committee in the 117th Congress, voted for the American Rescue Plan today. Shortly before casting his vote for the sweeping Covid relief legislation, which will soon head to President Biden for signature, Beyer told his colleagues during Floor debate: “my vote today for the American Rescue Plan will be the most consequential vote I have ever cast as a member of the House.” 

Beyer’s full remarks during debate are below.

The American Rescue Plan is $1.9T pandemic relief legislation that will put money in Americans’ pockets, bolster a national vaccination strategy, support the needy, hungry, and unemployed, provide funding for state and local governments on the frontlines of the pandemic to protect the jobs of teachers and first responders, sustain jobs and small businesses, and fund the safe reopening of America’s schools.

Text of the bill is available here.

Rep. Beyer’s remarks as delivered:

“Mister Speaker, my vote today for the American Rescue Plan will be the most consequential vote I have ever cast.

Today we show that democracy works.

Today we make available all the resources needed to end the pandemic that has killed 527,000 Americans.

Today we lift millions of American children out of poverty.

Today we make an investment to get our children back to school safely.

Today we authorize economic impact payments to millions of our citizens behind on their rents and car payments and unable to buy groceries.

Today we extend unemployment insurance for the ten percent of Americans still out of work because of the virus.

Today we send national help to the state and local governments who employ the heroes who provide our quality of life: police, firefighters, teachers, child protective service workers, sanitation workers, and many others.

And today we reject the social Darwinism of our Republican friends. We reject the ethic of every man, woman, and child for themselves.

Mister Speaker, I am proud to vote for this bill today, and I yield back.”