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Voting Against the Keystone Pipeline

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Congressional lawmakers face many difficult votes over the course of their careers. Thankfully, with the help of my excellent staff, many advisors, and countless engaged constituents I know that I will have all the advice I need to make the decisions that are best for the 8th District, Virginia, and the country. While I know that I will spend a great deal of time deliberating on such votes, the vo... Read more »

My First Op-Ed

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It’s been exactly 51 weeks since Congressman Jim Moran announced his retirement after 24 years. His announcement launched me, and my wife Megan, on an incredible journey beginning in January and ending Tuesday, when I swore my oath of office as Congressman for the 8th District of Virginia. But the truth is that was really only the beginning of a much bigger journey, a journey that Megan and I feel... Read more »