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Beyer Statement on the Trump Budget

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Washington, February 14, 2018 | comments

“President Trump’s budget presents a dystopian vision of the United States.

We would see massive, promise-breaking cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, as well as to nutrition programs for the poor.  And we would see this while giving the wealthiest Americans huge tax cuts.

This budget proposes that we cripple the EPA, give up on the promise of clean air and clean water, and sell out public lands and treasured natural spaces like the Chesapeake Bay to benefit polluters and fossil fuel companies. It calls for making huge cuts to scientific research, clean energy, and infrastructure to pay for a useless wall on the southern border.

Trump envisions elimination of the Affordable Care Act at the cost of health care for millions. He also envisions huge cuts to the Centers for Disease Control while spending billions on an ever-expanding military industrial complex.

Trump would diminish our children’s future with cuts to essential areas such as job creation, rural assistance and public schools.  And these cuts would go hand-in-hand with crippling national deficits and complete inaction on climate change.  Such a view of our country is depressingly bleak, and Congress should reject it."